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Welcome to my website! I am a Junior at UMass Amherst and I have loved computers my entire life. My first experience with computers was on an old Dell that my family had at home. I was introduced to programming through Scratch and that sparked my interest in learning more about how computers work. In middle school, I received my first laptop and began experimenting with different software and programs.

In 8th grade, I built my own PC for my birthday and that's when my love for computers truly took off. I began creating my own programs and games and have been continually learning and growing in my knowledge and skills ever since.

Once I took my AP Computer Science course in high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in software development. The class gave me a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of computer science and solidified my passion for programming.

During my college years, I have continued to expand my knowledge and skills in computer science by learning various programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Javascript, and Assembly. I also gained experience with programming methods, algorithm structures, and theory. Additionally, I have pursued my own personal projects and in the process learning languages like C#, Python, HTML, CSS, React, as well as version control software like Git. I am excited to bring this knowledge and experience to my future career and continue to share my passion for technology and programming through this website.

Additionally, outside of programing, some of my hobbies include weightlifting, creating music, creating digital art (all of the artwork on my webpage was created by me!), and spending time outdoors.

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